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Do Teachers Need iPad Training?



Teachers in my department do.

I obtained my “Digital Pedagogical Licence” (basically ticked off a bunch of criteria to show that I used digital technologies in my teaching).

As a result, I got an iPad.

This came with no actually useful apps, or training, or ability to access useful, related resources. Even the cord to connect it to the projector is the wrong one.

Basically, they gave me an expensive roll-marking, email-checking tablet.

I know of plenty of teachers who got their DPL and then basically use their iPads as paperweights.


At my school, you still need your laptop to connect your Ipad to the projectors or smart boards.

I’ve tried plenty of apps, and the only ones I use regularly in the classroom are email and Temple Run (for teaching creative writing).

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Step 1: use bricks as a guide to tape off your pattern. Ask nerd brother to smooth tape down as you go.

Step 2: start filling in blue with a roller as nerd brother makes an ENORMOUS mess with the gray paint and a brush. Teach him how to do edging and pray he doesn’t paint everything but the wall.

Step 3: remove tape. This is the first step where nerd brother really focuses on the task at hand instead of drawing Doctor Who references on the SmartBoard.

Step 4: hit up Sonic for happy hour slush and milkshake!

Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. I goofed up a lot of spots. There’s a funny corner to the left that’s not brick at all- that will be painted solid blue when I’m less tired. I worked up a super sweat getting that done.

livelovelearnbeach: yes! This is the first year in a loooong time teachers have gotten to paint their classrooms! We are adopting the 7 habits/leader in me and part of it is creating a welcoming atmosphere- like with calming blue and gray stripes :)

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Recommended Education Books for June 23-29th 2014

  1. To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher 3rd Edition; By William Ayers
  2. To Teach: The Journey, in Comics; By William Ayers
  3. An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students by Ron Berger
  4. The Power of Their Ideas: Lessons for America from a Small School in Harlem By Deborah Meier
  5. You Can’t Say You Can’t Play by Vivian Gussin Paley
  6. Our School: Searching for Community in the Era of Choice by Sam Chaltain
  7. Education and the Significance of Life by J. Krishnamurti

My longer recommendations can be found via my new blog Adventures in Learning’s Recommendations or just by searching my archive page.

I will start up a new batch tomorrow. I am also taking recommendations for books to share. Please share books that have changed your teaching or live for the better, education or not. Also write a few reasons why you recommend the book and how it changed you. Will post guest recommendation later this week! Pick up one of these books for some good summer reading! 

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